Public projects in Denmark: International companies see major potentials

In collaboration with our partners, Invest in Denmark and NJORD Law Firm, FORTEM co-presented at a conference at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Madrid). The conference was arranged by The Spanish-Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Danish Embassy in Spain and Invest in Denmark (Division of The Foreign Ministry of Denmark).

The conference aimed at attracting international skills and companies from the construction, infrastructure and technical sectors to the Danish market. More than 100 Directors and Business Development Officers participated, indicating a great interest from international companies in the potentials of upcoming major construction projects for example super hospitals and infrastructure upgrades.

FORTEM assists companies with bids on public projects in Denmark. In our presentation, we explained how Danish authorities are acknowledging the need for international skills for major projects and how companies can increase the odds for success when bidding in Denmark. Download our conference presentation here.

For more information, please contact FORTEM Director Jimmy Holst Rydahl on +45 6040 7848 or mail:

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