Changes in the service certificate

In the future, information about criminal offenses for any foreign members of the management team will be obtained, and he who request the information must have authority to declare on behalf of the company.

On 30 January 2017, a number of adjustments in the service certificate will be carried out. This means that the Danish Business Authority will obtain information about criminal offenses for all members of the management team (including foreign), and that he who request the information must be authorized to declare on behalf of the company.

Foreign members of the management
There will be obtained criminal records of all individuals in the registered management (Board, Management or supervisory board), whereas today the criminal records are exclusively obtained from the Danish members of the management (persons with Danish social security number). The change means that companies with foreign members of the management must enter the date of birth and upload a copy of the foreign person’s ID along with a consent and solemn declaration.

Consent and solemn declaration on behalf of the company
He who request the service certificate must now hold authorization from the company – on behalf of the company – to give consent that the Danish Business Authority obtain criminal information about the company, and declare whether the company within the past four years is convicted or has adopted penalty notices for one or more conditions included in the tender Act § 135th.

Find the danish article from The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) here:

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