Case: SKI 02.06 standard software

Suppliers of standard software solutions can become suppliers to the Danish government, regions, municipalities, and many other organizations in Denmark through the dynamic procurement system from the common Danish procurement organization SKI. 

The system entered into force in 2021 and is expected to become Denmark’s largest dynamic purchasing system for its software solutions.

Public authorities can purchase standard software products and services from large and small suppliers with the agreement SKI 02.06. The framework agreement contributes to greater competition and provides better opportunities for more suppliers to be able to bid. Moreover, the system is SME-friendly, allowing small and medium enterprises access to the public market. FORTEM has carried out an analysis of the system and the tendered contracts and evaluations.

The Analysis shows that the system makes it difficult for companies to gain knowledge about upcoming and current contracts in Denmark for companies that are not on the agreement. This is because tender notices are only available for companies that are approved for the system. Also, contract awards and values are no longer publicly available.

Tender notices, evaluations and awards are no longer public and only available for companies approved for the SKI 02.06.

The application process is open

02.06 Standard software is a dynamic purchasing system where public authorities can purchase software and services related to the purchased software. Suppliers are continuously approved. This means that new suppliers can be added to the system on an ongoing basis. SKI processes applications from suppliers, applying for admission to the system within few weeks. In this way, the public authorities have access to solutions and services that are up-to-date and follow the market’s technological development.


More than 1,000 Danish organizations can buy through the system

More than 1,000 Danish organizations can make purchases through the dynamic procurement system. Among other organizations, there have been danish authorities and municipalities that have used the system so far. In addition, companies such as Danske Spil A/S, Metroselskabet I/S, and Danmarks Nationalbank have also used the system to make purchases.

At SKI 02.06 Standard Software, there are currently more than 150 suppliers who have signed up, of which there are around 10 suppliers on the category 1 agreement, while all others are registered on the category 2 agreement. Category 1 is used when the purchase is only to be evaluated on price, e.g., when redrawing existing software agreements. Category 2 is used when the purchase is to be evaluated on both price and quality, e.g., when purchasing completely new software solutions.


Quality is more important than ever

There can be used 6 set criteria as the contracting authority for the agreement. The contracting authority is free to choose which and how many are to be used for the tender. FORTEM’s analysis of the completed tenders under the 02.06 framework agreement shows that all criteria are being used, but some are used more than others and there are clear correlations between what is being tendered and which criteria are being evaluated. At the same time, the deadlines for submission are often shorter than in a public tender. Preparation and a catalog of quality descriptions can help give companies a competitive advantage when tenders are published.



Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about SKI 02.06 and your options for using the dynamic purchasing systems, feel free to contact Jimmy Holst Rydahl (+45 6040 or Melina Buja (