Help with tender materials

Our approach to public tenders is based on years of experience from both sides of the table. We offer quality assurance of tenders for municipalities, regions and state authorities based in Denmark before the tenders are made public. We also offer consultancy service and guidance throughout the different stages of the tender process.

Quality assurance

We can assist public authorities with review, evaluation and editing of the procurement materials before they are made public.

Quality assurance of the procurement materials before they are published ensures that the goal of the procurement is expressed clearly and that errors are corrected before publication. Procurement materials with clear and precisely formulated content helps the bidding companies, while decreasing the possibility of reprocurement.

Consultancy service

We provide assistance to Danish municipalities, regions, public authorities and public businesses, who wish to optimise their procurement process. We know that the procurement is a complex and time-consuming process, that many public authorities are struggling with due to lack of time and ressources. We can help public authorities with strategic advice and develop strategies, that will make their approach to the procurement process and the materials more tangible.