FORTEM has experience from both sides of the table

FORTEM helps companies with bid writing, quality assurance and bid counselling through the bid process. Our approach to public tenders comes from our experience from both sides of the table, which we use to strengthen and improve our clients’ approach to the public tender process.

With our extensive knowledge of the evaluation processes in the Danish municipalities, regions, public authorities and -businesses, we help our clients write good, qualified bids that accommodate the needs and demands expressed in the tenders.

Bidding on tenders can be a complicated process for many companies. At FORTEM, we are good at counselling and guiding our clients through the process in an effective and productive manner, that gives our clients a good overview, more time for quality and a better result.

“Even if your company has a reasonable approach to the tender process, you can still benefit greatly from a collaboration with specialists. It is priceless – both in regard to the legal peculiarities, as well as quality assuring of the bid you deliver.”

– AutoMester Danmark

We assist companies with

FORTEM assists private companies with writing prequalifications and bid material for public tenders. We make sure that the bid accommodates the demands and needs expressed by the public authority in the tender and ensures that the prequalifications and the bid material reflect the skills and advantages of the bidding company, emphasising the company’s unique propositions to the public authority.

We have experience from both sides of the table, and we focus on writing good, qualified bids and prequalifications that stands out.

FORTEM reviews, evaluates and edits companies’ bid material throughout all stages of the bid process – from prequalifications to the final bid. We use a specific evaluation model, that reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the bid, and we ensure that all the demands of the tender are answered well and comprehensively.

The goal of quality assurance is to ensure that the bidding company delivers a good, qualified bid, that is distinguishable from that of the competition’s in a positive manner.

FORTEM helps clients generate progress in the bid process through bid management. We use a PRINCE2 based project management method that decreases the time pressure on the bid team and focuses on the written product throughout the bid process.
Our approach ensures that our clients’ time and resource consumption are optimised and increases focus on reviewing and quality assuring the final offer, which leads to the best results.

We provide our clients with counselling through the entire bid process. Our approach is built on many years of experience, and we help companies, strategic partnerships and consortia with strategies that give them more successful results with public tenders.

We challenge the traditional approach to the public tender process and support our clients in asking more constructive, concrete questions to the tender material. We prime our clients to handle and accommodate the needs and expectations expressed by the public authority in the tender.