Get more success with public tenders

FORTEM helps your company with different aspects of the bid process. Since 2015, we have helped our clients achieve more success with public tenders. In 2017, we helped our clients win public contracts with a total value of 3.5 billion kroner, which made FORTEM the most winning bid consultancy  that year.

In collaboration with our clients, we structure the most optimal approach to the bid process on account of the client’s needs and qualifications. Regardless of whether your company is looking for assistance with bid writing, quality assurance, bid management or counselling, FORTEM is ready with a solution that meets your demands and expectations.

Below, you can read more about the services that we offer to companies, who are seeking assistance with prequalifications and the bid process:






Bid writing

We help our clients write material for both prequalifications and final bids. We structure and intertwine the different content elements to ensure a clear and consistent comprehensiveness throughout the bid document.

We focus on delivering thoroughly written bid materials for our clients that accommodate the demands and needs of the public authority, while also reflecting the qualities and qualifications of our clients in correlation with the content of the tender.

“FORTEM is good at analyzing and restructuring the content and setup of our bid to put as much focus on the demands and subjects in the tender material that lead to the highest weighting.”

-AutoMester Danmark

Quality assurance

We help our clients with QA of prequalification and bid material and ensure that they fulfil the demands and specifications of the tender material comprehensively and efficiently.

It is easy miss or overlook a demand or a reference description in an exacting bid process, which is why we offer to QA your company’s bid material, so you can be sure to deliver a bid that is thoroughly reviewed, qualified and structured to fit the demands and instructions of the public authority.

” FORTEM has contributed to elevating and influencing the quality of the bid material that we delivered, which meant that we maxed the score for our qualitative descriptions for the Danish Building and Property Agency’s tender.”


Bid management

We assist in assuring progress in the bid process for our clients through project management. We use a PRINCE2 based project management method that decreases the time pressure on the bid team and focuses on the written product throughout the entire process.

The bid process is a time and resource demanding process that unfolds within a relatively restrictive time frame. Many companies have a hard time obtaining a complete overview of the entire tender process, and therefore easily miss important dates or information along the way. FORTEM provides bid management, which ensures that your company’s time and resource consumption are optimized and focuses on reviews and QA of the final bid to achieve the best result.

” We have no doubt that it would be an eyeopener for many companies, if they started using the assistance of businesses like FORTEM. Many companies including our own often handle the tender process without any external help. You might be able to push through and end up winning the tender. But you have to consider the amount of time you have to use and compare it to the option of hiring external help, who can help you look over the material and quality assure it – plus the safety external help provides – we can definitely recommend others to do the latter rather than the former.”

– AutoMester Danmark

Counsel services

Our approach to counselling is built on our experience from both sides of the tender process. We prime our clients to handle the demands and expectations of the public authority. We give them the necessary tools to challenge their own and the public authority’s approach to the tender process to gain a better and more constructive dialogue between the private and public sector, which ultimately leads to a more mutually beneficial contract in the end.

We adjust our counselling to the needs of your company and the extent of the tender. We provide you with experience-based tools and guidance, so you can take control of the bid process and deliver the best result.

“ FORTEM’s assistance in the dialogue stage before the tender has had a great impact for KONE, because their input contributed to giving the public authority an understanding of how their weighting of the quality criteria impacted the tender.”