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FORTEM directors Jimmy Holst Rydahl and Michael Gehrke are helping companies to win Nordic public contracts/

T raditionally, Nordic countries have been some of the biggest public-sector spenders in the world. In recent years, however, more public works have been put out to tender for private companies, whether that be in IT, construction or services. This provides a major growth opportunity for companies within all sectors and from all over the world.
As former consultants for the public sector, Jimmy Holst Rydahl and Michael Gehrke witnessed first-hand how companies had difficulties when bidding on public contracts.
“In our time on the other side of the table, we saw that companies weren’t always able to present their case and win,” says Rydahl. “We saw the potential to help them understand the public sector and make better bids.”
In 2015, FORTEM was born. Building on public-sector expertise, the Copenhagen-based company assists clients on the bid process for public contracts in Denmark, Sweden and Norway – from bid strategy right up to finalising winning offers. In three years of operation, it has presided over more than 60 tenders with the collected

Having worked closely with the public sector throughout their careers, Rydahl and Gehrke make sure that prospective contractors deliver compliant high-quality bids – in other words, this isn’t a race to the bottom. “There used to be a general understanding that the cheapest bid wins in the public sector, but that’s not true anymore,” Gehrke says. “The majority of Nordic tenders have quality criteria in the evaluations, which we help our clients to score highly on.” In the past year, successful contracts awarded to companies have included the construction of a light-rail network in Odense and the provision for the leading intelligence platform to the Danish National Police. A further development has been FORTEM’s recent role in other countries. In somewhat of a reversal of its work up to date, the team is helping a Nordic company in the tender process for the renovation of Cypriot aircrafts – an excursion into a brand-new market that Rydahl and Gehrke are certain won’t be the last.