A broad and solid network

On this page, you will find an overview of the trade associations and communities that FORTEM is a member of. We use our memberships to expand and strengthen our business connections and networks, which ensures that we are always on top of things in the business and always up-to-date with upcoming initiatives, changes and trends.


Dansk Erhverv is a trade organisation and the gathering point for a wide range of service trades from the Danish business life.

The trade organisation ensures a lot of political clout for its members through close dialogue with Christiansborg. Dansk Erhverv helps improve the conditions for competitiveness and growth for Danish companies nationally and internationally. Dansk Erhverv is also an employers’ organisation that provides FORTEM with access to legal counselling in a wide range of occupational circumstances.


Tivoli Erhvervsklub is a membership organisation that creates and strengthens the professional connections between businesses in the fairy tale like surroundings of their location. The membership provides FORTEM with opportunities to forge new business relations and to give our existing clients access to unique experiences in Tivoli’s fantastic amusement park. Tivoli Erhvervsklub provides professional inspiration all-year round through a range of intriguing presentations, morning meetings and business network meetings.


Dansk Industri is the largest employer’s and trade organisation in Denmark and is the link between more than 10.000 businesses. Dansk Industri provides FORTEM with access to networks and conferences, which give us a chance to benchmark and exchange experiences with our equals in the business, as well as get inspired by trends and upcoming news through newsletters and counselling.


IKA is the hub and promoter for knowledge sharing between public buyers and suppliers. The association supports the dialogue between its members through events, network meetings and digital media. IKA has more than thirty years of experience with public procurements and is co-creator to the framework for tenders in Denmark. IKA also uses their influence and collaboration with other leading organisations to evolve public procurements.