We help companies win tenders

FORTEM helps companies bid on public tenders. Our approach to the tender process is built on our experience from both sides of the table. We use our knowledge and experience to counsel and guide companies to better results, when they bid on public tenders.

We have profound knowledge of the public tender- and evaluation processes, that are used by the Danish municipalities, regions, public authorities and – businesses. Our insight helps companies strengthen and improve their bids through a focused bid writing process and quality assurance.

In corporation with our clients, we go through the process for each tender, to make sure that our clients have a clear perspective/overview from the beginning. We assist with structuring, guidance and quality assurance throughout the tender process, and we make sure that our clients deliver qualified and satisfying bids of a high quality. (Read what our clients say here).

Whether your company wants assistance with parts of or the entire tender process, bid writing or quality assurance, FORTEM is ready to help.


Bid writing

We help our clients with writing bids that are focused, qualified and of a high quality. Bid writing takes up a lot of time and resources, and it can be challenging for companies to find the right approach, the right advantages and the right propositions, when writing the bids under tight deadlines.
We focus on emphasizing our clients’ unique qualities, and adjust the content of the bids, so they accommodate the requirements of the tender. Our structured bid writing process ensures more time for progress, quality and review during a pressured time period, which gives our clients a satisfying result in the end.

Quality assurance

We review, evaluate and edit bid material for our clients during every step of the tender process – from prequalifications to the final bid. We use a special evaluation model, that uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of the bid material, which gives our clients a clear indication of where to place further efforts.
We make sure that the bid material answers the demands of the tender thoroughly and comprehensively, and we help our clients emphasize the unique skills and propositions, that can have an impact on the final evaluation result.
Our goal with quality assurance is to ensure that our clients delivers good, qualified bids, that distinguish them positively from the competition.

Bid management

We provide our clients with a good overview and control over their bid process with our well-tested project management model, that focuses on the written product, time and quality assurance.
Bidding on public tenders can be a demanding process. We help our clients facilitate an effective progress through project management and counseling. Our approach even out the overall time pressure and makes sure that our clients obtain more time to focus on the quality and content of their bid. Our clients have more control over their time and resource consumption with bid management, and it ensures that they do not overlook important, influential elements in their bid process.

Counsel services

We provide our clients with counselling through the entire bid process. Our approach is built on many years of experience, and we help companies, strategic partnerships and consortia with strategies that give them more successful results with public tenders.
We challenge the traditional approach to the public tender process and support our clients in asking more constructive, concrete questions to the tender material. We prime our clients to handle and accommodate the needs and expectations expressed by the public authority in the tender.

“Even if your company has a reasonable approach to the tender process, you can still benefit greatly from a collaboration with specialists.”

Michael from AutoMester Danmark

“FORTEM’s assistance in the dialogue stage before the tender has had a great impact for KONE, because their input contributed to giving the public authority an understanding of how their weighting of the quality criteria impacted the tender.”

Thomas Ohm, CEO at KONE

”We have no doubt that it would be an eyeopener for many companies, if they started using the assistance of businesses like FORTEM.”

Michael from AutoMester Danmark

”FORTEM has contributed to elevating and influencing the quality of the bid material that we delivered, which meant that we maxed the score for our qualitative descriptions for the Danish Building and Property Agency’s tender.”

Thomas Ohm, CEO at KONE

“We have an amazing collaboration with FORTEM, and we don’t intend to use anyone else – on the contrary. Our succes rate is fantastic and we have won pretty much all of the tenders, that they have assisted us with.”

Michael from AutoMester Danmark

”I have found it very useful to have FORTEM on our team, and there is more than one good reason to have them work along side you.”

Thomas Ohm, CEO at KONE